6 jurors, 4 alternates chosen for George Zimmerman trial

6 women chosen as jurors

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SANFORD, Fla. - After nine days of tedious questioning in the juror showdown, six jurors and four alternates -- all women -- were chosen Thursday.

George Zimmerman will face the all-female jury when opening statements begin on Monday, and all but one are white.

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"While people can look at it and have this reaction, there's no blacks in the jury, no this or no that, or there's no men on the jury, tell me there was something wrong in the process and I'll agree with you," said Criminal Defense Attorney Mark O'Mara.

Benjamin Crump, the attorney representing Trayvon Martin's family, expressed his thoughts on the one minority female on the panel.

"Well, we understand she's Hispanic. We believe that this case has always been about equal justice. Equal justice under the law is not a black value, it's not a white value -- it's an American value," said Crump.

Of the six women, all but one have children.

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What Criminal Defense Attorney Diana Tennis found interesting is that two of the six haven't lived in this area very long - just a few months.

Also on Thursday, the battle of the audio experts over a 911 call continued. The state wants jurors to hear from the forensic consultant who said the voice crying for help on a 911 call was Trayvon Martin. Judge Debra Nelson will decide if the voice recognition technology he used is sound enough to allow his testimony into trial. The ruling on that is expected as early as Friday.

Zimmerman has pleaded not guilty in the shooting death of Martin, saying it was in self defense.

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