Courtroom drama: Defense attorney releases anger on pen

SANFORD, Fla. - For hours, defense attorney Don West cross examined the teenager who was the last to talk to Trayvon Martin Feb. 26, 2012.

George Zimmerman could face life in prison if found guilty of second-degree murder. There was tension in the courtroom. Rachel Jeantel, 19, answered questions with "Yes, SIR" and "No, SIR."

West pointed out inconsistencies and omissions in her previous statements.

"You made the decision then not to tell Mr. [Benjamin Crump]  that you actually heard Trayvon Martin say 'get off, get off,' because you were in a hurry?" West said.

Prosecutor Bernie de la Rionda objected to West's line of questioning.

"Objection, asked and answered," De la Rionda said.

West lost his patience and put his pen down loudly and apologized.  Judge Debra Nelson overruled the objection.

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