George Zimmerman trial: Crime scene evidence

Trayvon's last purchase: Skittles, Arizona brand watermelon juice

SANFORD, Fla. - During testimony this week in the George Zimmerman trial, attorneys presented evidence that jurors will try to put together like pieces of a puzzle. 

On June 25, attorneys held up the gray hooded sweatshirt that Trayvon wore Feb. 26, 2012. They also showed the black and red jacket during testimony.  Other evidence shown to the jury this week included several recorded phone calls and a series of crime scene photographs.

Attorneys have also shown them the picture that Sanford Police Department Officer Michael Wagner took with his iPhone.  And they have mentioned the Sanford's Fire Rescue report that stated Zimmerman had a "small laceration on the back of his head" and "small abrasions" on his forehead.

Jurors also learned that Trayvon had $40.15 in his posession, Skittles brand candy, headphones, a photo pin and a red lighter. And that Zimmerman used a 9 mm Kel-Tec  handgun to kill Martin.

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