George Zimmerman trial defense: Jurors need to see Trayvon's texts about fighting

Day 12 of George Zimmerman trial testimony

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EVIDENCE: Trayvon Martin's cell phone seized March 22, 2012. Exhibit DMS-7

SANFORD, Fla. - George Zimmerman trial attorneys said Tuesday they want jurors to know that Trayvon Martin sent and received text messages about fights and a gun days before the day he died.

During a hearing Tuesday, defense attorneys questioned witness Richard Connor.  He is a local computer forensics expert who discovers information from Blackberries, Androids and iPhones on a regular basis.

Connor said he found several text messages about fighting, pictures of a gun and pornography. He also said Trayvon sent several text messages about the acquisition of a firearm from Feb. 18 to Feb. 22, 2012. Zimmerman claims he killed Trayvon Feb. 26, 2012 in self-defense.

"This evidence directly relates to Mr. Martin's knowledge about fighting," defense attorney Don West said.

Connor also said prior Florida Department of Law Enforcement's reports on Trayvon Martin's cell phone had an inaccurate record. This was probably because Trayvon had two applications that purposely hid content, Connor said.

Connor also spotted a Facebook message from Trayvon's teenage half-brother Demetrius Martin asking him when he was going to teach him how to fight.

West accused the State of not releasing evidence with sufficient time, so that the defense could have scheduled interviews with the people Trayvon was communicating with.

"This isn't fair," West said.

Prosecutors argued that the testimony was prejudicial. Judge Debra Nelson said she had an issue with authentication.

"Anyone could have sent those messages," Nelson said.

Nelson said she would announce her decision Wednesday.

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