George Zimmerman trial: 'Defining moment for our generation'

By Christina Vazquez - Reporter

George Zimmerman is facing second-degree murder for the shooting death of Trayvon Martin in Sanford on February 26, 2012, which he claims was in self-defense.

Buzz is building online as the highly anticipated murder trial quickly approaches. It begins on Monday with jury selection.

Michael Skolnik of the site tweeted a link to his post entitled, "Trayvon, We failed You Once, But We Will Never Fail You Again!", where he calls the trial, "a defining moment for our generation."

A person who identifies as "Buster" on Twitter, tweeted George Zimmerman's brother, who was in Friday's pre-trial hearing, to say, "Tell him there R 1000s of Patriots fighting 4 him." Robert Zimmerman JR retweeted the post.

Meantime, media outlets from across the country are beginning to make Sanford their home. The loud sound of generators could be heard from a parking lot near the courthouse powering live trucks and trailers.

A team of Local 10 staffers and engineers have been working for weeks preparing equipment to bring you high-definition live coverage from the proceedings via the internet.

I'll be there from jury selection to a verdict. That gavel to gavel coverage starts Sunday night.

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