Reporter's Notebook: Attorney discusses Rachel Jeantel's testimony

By Christina Vazquez - Reporter

SANFORD, Fla. - WPLG-Local 10 reporter Christina Vazquez talks to criminal defense attorney Lyle Mazin about Rachel Jeantel's testimony.

Orlando attorney Lyle Mazin: 

I think the two major things that came out in the state's favor in this case is one, she said Trayvon Martin made the statement, "get off, get off."

The second thing she said was that she heard a hard breathing man.

Those two things put together mean George Zimmerman was out of breath because he was tracing down Trayvon Martin, and when he caught Trayvon Martin he touched him.

That would be the logical conclusion when you put those two statements together. That was the biggest piece of evidence the state got out of this witness.

 "How did the defense undermind  that  in the hours-long cross examination?"

Mazin: "The defense undermined that by not only showing that she lied before, [but] she has also said she has been mistaken before. What the defense wants to do with this witness is show the jury that not only is she capable of lying, but that she admits that she's done it before but sometimes what she thinks she might be telling the truth about she's mistaken."

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