Reporter's Notebook: Former federal prosecutor's progress report

Day 8 of George Zimmerman trial

By Christina Vazquez - Reporter
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David S. Weinstein is a former Assistant United States Attorney for the United States Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of Florida.  He held that position from 1998 to 2009.

SANFORD, Fla. - Former federal prosecutor David Weinstein opines on the progress of the George Zimmerman trial:

The prosecution started off forcefully and carried that theme throughout Tuesday.

They have the burden of proof and this is their case. They will present the evidence in the way that they think that it make sense. They Judge is in charge of the courtroom, but Tuesday they made it clear that they want to control the presentation. 

Several times Tuesday they forced sidebars or extended legal argument to keep things in line. They picked up more small points along the way.

One thing that we all forget is that this is not their home turf. They were brought in on an executive assignment and the home team rules are not quite the same as they are in Jacksonville. That is why they had Dr. Valerie Rao from Jacksonville testify about her opinion of the defendant's injuries. It brought the prosecution team a level of comfort. 

The defense continued to make the most of the opportunities that were offered to them. Each statement of the defendant that was played for the jury provided another opportunity for their theory of self defense to be heard, without subjecting the defendant to cross examination.

They also took a few hits and likely spent Tuesday tonight doing legal research to see if they could keep out the records of the defendant's criminal justice studies.

It's not over until the Clerk of Court reads the verdict. Until then the jurors will listen and scribble notes in their notebooks.

Let's see who can score some points with the jury Wednesday and send them into their midweek break thinking that they are ahead for the day.

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