'Stop sale' on all open food after multiple dead rodents found

Multiple dead rodents forces Valero gas station kitchen closed

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MIAMI-DADE, Fla. – You may not eat at gas station convenience stores, but a lot of people do and some have full kitchens.

An inspector with the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Affairs was at the Valero gas station at 8925 NW 22nd Avenue on Wednesday and found "multiple dead rodents" in the kitchen area.

A "stop sale" was immediately issued on all open foods. Several areas of the store were ordered to be adequately cleaned and sanitized.

A re-inspection will be conducted within two weeks.

Additionally, the gas station must develop and implement a pest management control program.

The affected storage areas must be completely cleared of all merchandise, cleaned and sanitized by the next inspection.

Valero Gas Station Convenience Store
Hayles Group 
8926 NW 22nd Avenue
Miami, FL (West Little River) 




"Back- observed multiple dead rodents on glue board along the wall located in front of three bay sinks."

"Back- observed rodent excreta throughout the entire area along the walls were containers of foods are stored. Observed multiple live roaches crawling around the floor and along white floor freezer located in processing area. Stop Use / Stop Sale order issued for back room and all processing of open foods."

"No employee health policy implemented at food establishment." 

"Food service, found beef empanadas, ham croquettes and meat stuff potato with internal temperature's ranging from 116 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit when probed with thermometer located inside hot holding box. All products were voluntarily discarded by person in charge during inspection." 

"Food service, observed slice cooked ham, cheese, tomatoes and cut lettuce with internal temperatures (ranging from) 45 to 48 degrees Fahrenheit when probed with thermometer located inside sandwich station cooler. COS all products were voluntarily discarded during inspection by person in charge. Sandwich station cooler was placed under stop use."

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