UHealth’s Stroke Division Helps Patients Reclaim Their Lives

Stroke Awareness and Innovative Therapies Save More Lives

Dr. Jose G. Romano, Professor of Neurology and the Chief of the Stroke Division at the University of Miami Health System, describes the symptoms of stroke, and how a team of specialists at UHealth's Stroke Division is getting patients back on their feet and enjoying their lives. Cipora Auslander is one of those patients.

Dr. Jose G. Romano is Chief of the Stroke Division at the University of Miami Health System. For more information about UHealth’s Stroke Division, click here or visit the UHealth blog.


Cipora Auslander woke up one January morning unable to text on her cell.

“I realized that my fingers were not going to the right icons on my phone,” Cipora says.

She didn’t realize she was having a stroke until she fell hours later.

“A stroke is caused by an alteration in blood flow to the brain. It is a sudden event,” says Jose G. Romano, M.D.

Dr. Romano, Chief of the Stroke Division at UHealth, says it’s critical to recognize the symptoms so you seek help immediately.

“The most common ones are the sudden inability to speak, either slurred speech or the inability to bring out words, sudden asymmetry of the face or droopiness on one side of the face, sudden weakness of the arm or the leg,” Dr. Romano says.

More patients are now benefiting from clot-dissolving treatments within 24 hours after the onset of symptoms.

“At UHealth, we have a multi-disciplinary group of experts committed to improving the outcomes of our patients, by providing state-of-the-art acute interventions, stroke prevention and stroke recovery,” says Dr. Romano.

After weeks of physical therapy, Cipora is walking again, with a little help from her dog Bo.

“I’m up to about a little less than a mile now with the dog and the stroller,” says Cipora. “I feel wonderful. I’m very hopeful.”


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