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5 reasons to make the switch to energy-efficient windows

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Contributed photo (FHIA Remodeling)

Many people shy away from the thought of buying new windows for their home, but the benefits of energy-efficient windows are aplenty.

Here are five reasons why buying energy-efficient windows is worth it, according to FHIA Remodeling.

  1. It can save money on energy bills. The United States Department of Energy estimates that you can save $126 to $465 a year just by switching out single-pane windows. If you’re switching out double-paned windows with energy-efficient windows, the Department of Energy said you can save between $27 and $111 per year.
  2. Better protection. Energy-efficient windows can help with protection from storms and hurricanes with specially made glass that reduces the odds of glass or debris flying into the house.
  3. Condensation reduction. Energy-efficient windows greatly reduce the chances of cold drafts, stains or puddles from entering frames and walls.
  4. Increased light and viewing. Energy-efficient windows can reduce unwanted heat gain while still better allowing light to enter into a home.
  5. Reduction of furniture fading. Energy-efficient windows can allow natural light to come through, but at the same time, block solar rays that fade carpet, paintings and wood, according to the Florida Solar Energy Center.

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Watch the video below to learn more about the best options for you when it comes to energy-efficient windows.