3 reasons why an in-home consultation is vital before starting a remodeling project

There’s no substitute for expert advice when thinking about remodeling your home

Courtesy photo (FHIA Remodeling)

Thinking about remodeling your home?

It’s an idea that has been on the minds of many this past year, as the pandemic forced people to work more from their houses and found themselves in need of more space.

The summer months are expected to remain hot for remodeling projects, but before starting one, it’s imperative to have an in-home consultation with an expert.

Here are three reasons why, according to FHIA Remodeling.

1. It allows you to ask as many questions as possible.

There could be several aspects of a home remodel that you don’t know about, and an in-home consultation solves that problems perfectly.

What kind of glass do you want on a door or window? Do you want hurricane protection, more energy efficiency, or both?

Are sliding glass doors better than French doors in some rooms?

Having an in-home consultation will answer those questions and many more.

2. It helps you find the right company.

When doing a remodel, it’s almost like strangers are taking over your house. From hauling in materials to doing hours of labor, workers are going to be at your home constantly. That’s why it’s important to meet with a company to make sure it’s one you can trust to be in your home and do the work desired.

3. Your goals can be better identified.

With an in-home consultation, it’s more than just describing what you want and what your current home looks like over the phone. It allows professionals to walk around your house, get a better of understanding of what needs to be done, and show the different products available that can make your remodeling project everything you want it to be.

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