Chronic Sinusitis Causes Congestion, Cough, and Facial Pressure

UHealth’s Multidisciplinary Approach Helps Patients Breathe Again

Corinna Levine, M.D., MPH, a rhinologist who specializes in sinus and skull base surgery at the University of Miami Health System, describes chronic sinusitis, its symptoms, and how a multidisciplinary team approach is helping patients breathe again. Susy Bobenrieth is one of those patients.

Corinna Levine, M.D., MPH, is a rhinologist who specializes in sinus and skull base surgery at the University of Miami Health System. For more information about chronic sinusitis and the treatment services offered, click here or visit the UHealth blog.


For years, Susy Bobenrieth felt completely congested and had a nagging cough.

“I just felt like I constantly had a cold, I constantly had a bit of a headache. I felt I was super stuffed up,” Susy says.

She went to see Corinna Levine, M.D., MPH, at UHealth, a rhinologist who specializes in sinus and skull-based surgery.

“Chronic sinusitis is a disease of the sinuses. And so, everybody has sinuses in their face, and those sinuses can have swelling and inflammation. And when that happens, it causes a backup of the mucus,” says Dr. Levine.

The chronic condition causes uncomfortable symptoms.

“Nasal obstruction, also nasal drainage or postnasal drip, lots of thick mucus, but also smell loss and facial pressure,” Dr. Levine says.

“I was coughing so much, I felt like I was almost cracking a rib,” says Susy.

Susy had CRS or severe chronic rhinosinusitis. She needed surgery to open her sinuses.

“Talk about UHealth’s multidisciplinary approach in treating a patient with this condition,” Pam Giganti asked Dr. Levine.

“We involve facial plastics and infectious disease, as well as our really excellent rhinology team, which includes nurses, residents, fellows and myself,” says Dr. Levine.

Dr. Levine also uncovered a rare bacteria causing Susy’s sinus infections and got her on the right treatment. Now she’s back to her active life and feels great.

“It’s amazing. So thanks to the doc and everybody at UHealth,” Susy says.


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