Teachers paying for student school supplies? It’s a bigger problem than most think

Basic school supplies can be out of reach for some families due to cost

Stock image. Frans van Heerden (Pexels)

It’s almost that time of year where students and parents need to do back-to-school shopping, but what seems like a basic luxury for some is something others can’t do.

The cost of basic school supplies are out of reach for some financially-strapped families, and it’s often a situation where teachers need to step in and help, according to an article on CNN.

To help out both students and their families, as well as teachers, donation drives are often held in communities to help people obtain basic school supplies.

The cost of items such as pencils, paper, crayons, pens, staplers, glue, or whatever else is needed, can add up to be hundreds of dollars, and with higher inflation, it might be even higher this year.

To inquire about how you can donate supplies, consult your local school building or district.

Local businesses such as Publix also have programs in place to help with school supply issues.

Click this website to learn more information on how to help.