Miami Dolphins release Chad Johnson

Johnson arrested Saturday

DAVIE, Fla. – The Miami Dolphins have released wide receiver Chad Johnson, who was arrested Saturday.

Johnson was arrested for domestic battery after police said he head butted his wife.

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The Dolphins sent out a news release late Sunday saying Johnson's contract had been terminated.

Players mum on Johnson's arrest

At training camp on Sunday, Dolphins players were mum on Johnson's arrest.

"Honestly, I have no idea what's going on. I'm not in charge of that," said Roberto Wallace. "I just do what they tell me. Today, obviously, we're short one receiver, and, so, you know, I was just on that side, taking those reps."

"You know, Chad's gotta handle his business right now," said Richie Incognito. "We just move forward. We just improve every day. We had a great practice out here and he'll be rejoining the team as soon as possible.

Arrest report released

Johnson's wife, Evelyn Lozada, told police an argument started after she found a receipt for a box of condoms inside their car's trunk, according to the arrest report.

While inside their car, Johnson became upset, grabbed Lozada and head-butted her on the forehead, causing a cut. Johnson began screaming and Lozada attempted to calm him down. The arrest report states Johnson began screaming "I don't give a ***k!  I don't give a ***k about my career!"

Lozada then reportedly ran away to a neighbor's house to get away from Johnson.

The arrest form states that Johnson began driving through the neighborhood looking for her. Lozada then called police from a neighbor's house.

Police said they saw a 3-inch cut on her head. Lozada was treated at the hospital.

"She had quite a laceration on her forehead," said Davie Police Captain Dale Engle. "Her face was covered in blood, in dry blood and wet blood."

Johnson told police that he and Lozada were arguing in regards to a sales receipt. During the argument, Johnson told police she leaned towards him and they bumped heads, causing the cut on her forehead. Johnson said he went for a drive trying to give her time to calm down.

The report states Johnson did not have any visible marks or bruises.

Lozada told police that she did want to press charges.

The wide receiver was released from jail on Sunday afternoon on $2,500 bond. The judge ruled that Johnson is not allowed to contact his wife.

As he left jail, Johnson hugged his brother and walked slowly to his car without speaking.

Johnson and Lozada do not have any children together. They have been married since July 4.