Marlins' David Samson apologizes to fans

Team president takes responsibility for fan outrage

MIAMI – Following a disastrous off-season that saw them take heat for everything from trading star players to wasting taxpayer money on a new stadium, the Miami Marlins continue their new PR offensive.

Team President David Samson appeared on ESPN's "Outside The Lines" on Wednesday and apologized to Marlins fans.

When asked if the fan outrage was a creation of the media, Samson replied, "I think it's a reflection, and I understand it.  As president of the team I take such responsibility for that and I feel so sorry for that because all the work that everyone did for the ballpark and the construction of the ballpark.  We want people there enjoying baseball."

Samson added, "I think the message is we really are sorry that what we did last year really didn't work and we put the payroll higher than it should have been.  We put this team together that we thought would win.  We thought

every game would sell out.  Collectively, for whatever reason, none of it worked."

Samson's mea culpa comes one day after owner Jeffrey Loria spoke on camera for the first time since a blockbuster trade in November that sent most of the Marlins biggest names to Toronto.

The Marlins hired a new public relations firm during the offseason.