Heat accept responsibility for Game 3 loss

LeBron: 'I played like s***'


SAN ANTONIO – The Miami Heat accepted accountability for Tuesday night's 36 point loss to the San Antonio Spurs.

LeBron James was upfront about his lackluster performance. The Heat were -32 with their best player on the floor, and LeBron didn't go to the free throw line at all for the first time in his Heat career.

"I played like s***," he said.

The Heat star promised to be better in Game 4.

"I'll be better. I'll be much better tomorrow night," LeBron added.

Dwyane Wade backed up his teammate.

"We're not worried about LeBron. He's going to find his way," said Wade.

LeBron added he's bouncing back from the devastating loss.

"I'm better today than I was last night," he said.

Chris Bosh compared watching film of Game 3 to a horror movie.

Miami will have a chance to even up the series Thursday night.

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