Some want Alex Rodriguez's name off University of Miami baseball park

Alex Rodriguez tied to Biogenesis investigation

CORAL GABLES, Fla. – Some want Alex Rodriguez's name stripped from the University of Miami baseball park that bears it.

The New York Yankees third baseman may receive a long suspension from Major League Baseball related to its investigation of players associated with South Florida anti-aging clinic Biogenesis and performance enhancing drugs. The league has said it has evidence that he tried to interfere with the investigation.

Rodriguez, who played high school baseball at Westminster Christian School, signed with Miami but never played there after he was drafted by the Seattle Mariners.

Four years ago, Rodriguez donated nearly $4 million to renovate the baseball park at UM, which was later named Alex Rodriguez Park at Mark Light Field. Some said Friday his name should come down.

"If you are in baseball, you shouldn't be using steroids," said Dominik Davis, a future UM student.

Others disagreed.

"All of the facts need to come in first because he was an outstanding athlete regardless of the steroid use," said Ariel Kupritz.

Jennifer Tavarez, a Miami alum, said the name sends the wrong message to future student athletes.

"One way it is great, 'Thank you for your contribution,' but at the same time, do I say not do as I do, you know?" she said. "That is part of the price you pay."

The university issued no comment on the name.

The Boys & Girls Club of Miami, whose education building bears Rodriguez's name, issued a statement Friday, saying: "We consider Mr. Rodriguez one of our largest supporters and we can't possibly thank him enough for his commitment to our children."