Heat stars mixed feelings on ring ceremony

Miami opens Tuesday against Chicago


MIAMI – The stars of the Miami Heat have mixed feelings about receiving their rings on opening night.

Before Tuesday's game against Chicago, the team will raise a 3rd championship banner to the rafters and will receive their rings.

At practice Sunday, LeBron James said, "That's something that you would rather do and take care of last year.  This is like a new year, so.  But after we get our rings then that's last year and we go from there."

Chris Bosh relishes the opportunity to receive his ring in front of the Bulls, "Hell no, I want it that night, and I want everyone to see it too.  They need to see it."

Dwyane Wade had a different idea.

He wants the ring ceremony to be the night before.

Wade said, "Help the league out.  Do it the night before, put it on NBA TV, sell it out for the fans."

Whatever the stars think, the ceremony will still take place on Tuesday night.

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