Bosh shares thoughts on NFL n-word controversy

NFL considering penalties for use of slur


MIAMI – The Heat's Chris Bosh is weighing in on the NFL's proposal to impose penalties for the use of the n-word.

Bosh was asked about the idea after practice on Wednesday.

Bosh said, "That's a very tough situation.  It's kind of like if that's the case you should ban all slur words.  And I know it's a big deal because that word is used too much especially in mainstream these days.  I don't know how they're going to implore that, it's a tough thing.  It's your word against his word.  I think that can get kind of tricky."

Bosh said the word is used on the basketball court.

Bosh said he is okay with penalties but "there's a bunch of other things I could say and not get a penalty. If you're going to put one thing in, you have to put em all in a hat and that'll work out a lot better."

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