Professor Will's report card


MIAMI – Just when you thought things couldn't get any worse for the Dolphins, they did on Sunday. Miami was absolutely terrible against a Chiefs team that came to South Florida winless and without their best player. Yet, the Dolphins didn't just lose, they were embarrassed by Kansas City. The Fins 34-15 loss has the NFL now sending them to London for a game against the Raiders. Of course, it wasn't done because they've so bad, but I can't blame you for thinking it.

Offense- D

I'm done defending Ryan Tannehill. His accuracy again was an issue and he failed to find any rhythm. While his offensive line certainly wasn't great in protecting him, the ground game did help out by having Lamar Miller run for more than 100 yards. No more excuses -- Tannehill isn't very good. Can he develop? Sure. But in his third year in the league, and with the weapons he's been given, he should be better -- much better. The Dolphins are going nowhere if he doesn't progress, and that needs to happen very quickly.

Defense- D

It's hard to really defend this unit. Kansas City was without one of the biggest weapons in football. Jamaal Charles did not play, but his back up, Knile Davis (who???), ran for over 130 yards. How a back-up running back can just run through you for 132 yards is beyond me. This unit is supposed to be a strength. They did change momentum with a key safety in the second half that seemed to change to tide in the game. But, overall, they allowed too many big plays for an offense that isn't exactly a juggernaut.

Special Teams- C

Does it matter? It was good to see Jarvis Landry make a big play in the return game, but he's still inconsistent in this department. Caleb Sturgis was two-thirds in field goals and Brandon Fields kept busy punting seven times.

Coaching- F

Following last week's disappointing effort in Buffalo, I expected the Dolphins to come home and play well; they did not. And much of that has to fall on Joe Philbin and his staff. This team somehow didn't look ready or able to deal with a winless team. Philbin failed to take chances. Again, he settled for field goal attempts when the chance was there to go after a touchdown. The offense also turned to passing plays on a few second and third and short plays.  There's no excuse to go away from the run in those situations, especially when the ground game was actually producing.

This team plays dumb. Does that make any sense? Well, they just make so many boneheaded mistakes, and they don't seem to learn. It has to come back to coaching, and I'm starting to question if Philbin is in over his head. He's certainly not improving his case with games like this.