Professor Will's report card


MIAMI – What controversy? What a bizarre week in Dolphins land, and what a great game for Miami in England. The Fins blocked out any distractions and managed to put together their most complete performance of the season in a 38-14 win.

Offense- A

Ryan Tannehill is the Dolphins starting quarterback and boy did he prove it. Tannehill went out and looked comfortable and accurate. Those are two words you don't hear about Tannehill often. At one point he completed 14 straight passes and was putting throws right on point. It was the perfect way to answer his critics, maybe his biggest critic being his head coach.

Aside from Tannehill being near perfect on the day, Lamar Miller continues to run the ball well. He had a multi-touchdown for the first time in his professional career. Meanwhile, Mike Wallace has quietly been playing like the elite receiver he's getting paid to be. Yes, these were the Raiders, but the Dolphins had their way on offense. Again, words you don't normally say about this team.

Defense- A-

After a slow start on the first drive, which seems to be a Dolphins staple on D, Miami took control of an Oakland offense led by a rookie QB. They created four turnovers and scored a touchdown. Like I mentioned about the offense, it's much easier to be dominant against an awful team like the Raiders, but the point is they got it done.

Special Teams- B

Brandon Fields didn't have to put until the second half and was barely needed. Kick coverage was fine and Jarvis Landry didn't make any mistakes.

Coaching- A

I know Joe Philbin didn't create this crazy QB controversy on purpose, but his team responded. With rumors swirling about an unhappy locker room and the owner thinking of changing coaches, Philbin took his team to London and left with a much needed win. Will things get better? It's hard to say. But I do know that for at least a couple of weeks (Miami has a bye week now), things are calm in the world of the Miami Dolphins. That's a good thing.