Miami Dolphins center Mike Pouncey selected to 2016 NFL Pro Bowl

Fins Safety Reshad Jones snubbed


MIAMI – Miami Dolphins center Mike Pouncey will be the only Fins player starting in Hawaii.

Pouncey, who was hurt during the loss in San Diego this past Sunday, has been selected to the 2016 NFL Pro Bowl squad.

The annual all-star contest will be played Sunday, Jan. 31, 2016 at 7 p.m. from Aloha Stadium in Hawaii.

“This is a great honor and something I couldn’t have accomplished without all of our guys on the offensive line,” said Pouncey. “I’m proud to represent our room in Hawaii. I’d like to thank Coach Campbell, Coach Benton and Coach Bicknell, as well as all of the fans who supported me.”

This means Dolphins Safety Reshad Jones, who was vying for a spot in the Pro Bowl, was snubbed. However, Jones might be added later as a replacement.