Soccer player accused of battery in Miami Beach

Pablo Armero cut victim's hair after she rejected him for sex, police say

MIAMI BEACH, Fla. – Soccer player Pablo Armero was arrested in Miami Beach on a battery charge Tuesday morning, police said.

The general manager at the Metropolitan by COMO on Collins Avenue old police that he'd received several complaints about a couple staying a room. Officers found a woman missing a portion of her hair, along with hair on the floor of the room, when they arrived, the arrest report stated.

Armero, who plays for Clube de Regatas do Flamengo in Brazil, told police he'd been drinking with the victim and that she asked him to cut her hair, authorities said.

The victim, who cried while being interviewed by police, said she'd been drinking with Armero and that he wanted to get intimate with her, but she turned him down and said, "No, I am too tired," the report stated.

At that point, Armero became irate, the report stated, and became physical with the woman. He yanked off her necklace, grabbed a hotel hair clipper and pulled off her hair extensions before trimming her hair, just above her forehead.

"Why would I (ask) him to cut my hair?" the victim said when asked if she wanted Armero to cut her hair, the report stated.

The pair were traveling with two children, who were not present during the incident.

Armero appeared in court Wednesday, where he was ordered to be held in jail on $800 bond. A judge also issued a stay away order for the victim.