Caribbean Premier League comes to South Florida for cricket matches

First match scheduled for Thursday in Lauderhill

LAUDERHILL, Fla. – Players from the Caribbean Premier League have arrived in South Florida to practice for a big cricket match scheduled for Thursday.

Players and organizers alike promise this will be a big party out on the field.

"We are the best in the West Indies. Go tridents!" Steven Taylor said.

Cricket players from the Caribbean Premier League are excited about this week's matches scheduled to take place in Lauderhill.

"Now the CPL --  one of the biggest parties in sports ever (is) playing in South Florida. It's going to be a wonderful feeling for everyone," Taylor said.

This is the first time the league, consisting of six teams from the West Indies, is coming to South Florida.

The four-day matches will take place at Central Broward Regional Park beginning on Thursday.

"It plays with 11 players on the field," fastballer Ravi Rampaul said while explaining the game. "We try to score as much runs as possible. The team that makes the most runs wins the game."

Players and organizers said the games from this particular league stand apart from the rest.

"The other leagues are more, I would say stuck-up," Taylor said. "CPL is more about the enjoyment and just enjoying the cricket itself."

The league's CEO Damien O'Donohoe backs that up, saying fans are in for quite an experience.

"We've got DJ's, we've got hype, live performers playing, so there really is something here for everybody," he said. "It's a family environment where it's just three hours of high octane fun."

Bringing the match to the U.S. wasn't that easy, but O'Donohoe said there is a market in South Florida for some new fans and for future games.

"With the Caribbean, it really is an extension of the U.S. and I think that's why we are better positioned to take these games to this market," O'Donohoe said. "Even if you are not a cricket fan or you've never even heard of what it is, it would be great to come and experience it. It's a really wonderful sport in a truly unique atmosphere."

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