Great to see Bosh, but is he coming back? Who knows.

Local 10 Sports Director Will Manso loves seeing Bosh on the court


MIAMI – Chris Bosh made his first offensive attack of the season.  But this has nothing to do with actually attacking the basket.

Bosh took to social media and his Snapchat account to go on the offensive about those believing he won’t play basketball this season or maybe ever again.

The video is simple enough.  

After saying he’s constantly being asked if he’s still hooping, Bosh addresses the camera, “I’m hooping.”

It’s followed by a handful of video clips of him on the court shooting baskets.

Easy enough, but I’m not sure it’s as easy and simple as this video makes it sound.

I’m certainly not asked at the level that I imagine Bosh is being asked, but trust me; there is no other question I get more on social media, e-mail, radio or just around town than “is Chris Bosh playing this season?

My answer is normally I don’t know, but I sure hope so.

And that’s honestly the truth.

The Heat has privately and publicly stated they truly hope Bosh can come back.  How can they not? 

When healthy, Bosh is their most talented and productive player.  He is a future Hall of Famer and All-Star talent.

Yet, there has been no definitive statement from the Heat that Bosh will be back.  Health is a tricky thing.  This isn’t an injury we’re talking about.  This is a true health scare and potential life or death issue.

I think we can see where Chris Bosh stands on this situation.  He wants to play.  He thinks he can play.  And his doctors feel comfortable enough to let him take some shots on the court.

But taking shots on the court and playing in the NBA during an 82 game schedule against the best and strongest players in the world are two totally different things.

It was a great sight to see.  Bosh on the court and taking that smooth jumper he has.  But if you ask me the same question today that I’ve been asked over and over again I’ll give the same answer.

Is Chris Bosh playing this season?  I don’t know, but I sure hope so.

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