FSU strength coach suspended 30 days after drinking whiskey with TV crew

Vic Viloria arrested last weekend on suspicion of DUI

(Leon County Sheriff's Office)

PEMBROKE PARK, Fla. – Florida State's strength and conditioning coach will be suspended without pay for 30 days after drinking whiskey with a television crew documenting the football team's 2016 season, according to a letter obtained Friday by Local 10 News.

Vic Viloria was arrested early Saturday on suspicion of driving under the influence after Tallahassee police said he was found asleep behind the wheel of his vehicle.

A letter addressed to Viloria from Florida State athletic director Stan Wilcox states that the 37-year-old strength coach will be suspended from Sept. 2 through Oct. 1 for conduct unbecoming of a public employee and drinking on the job or reporting to work under the influence of alcohol.

According to the letter, Viloria provided a written statement that a Showtime TV crew had given him a bottle of whiskey to congratulate him for finishing preseason camp. Viloria explained that he was working late in his office when three Showtime employees came to visit him.

"You admitted that you 'decided to open the bottle and we began to drink in my office,'" the letter said. "You stated that you later decided it was not appropriate to 'be drinking in my office where other university employees or students could possibly see us' and decided to move to the 'Showtime' trailer. You stated that you initially planned to stay at the office all night, but later decided to drive home."

File: FSU letter to Vic Viloria

Police said Viloria woke up after officers found him asleep at the wheel, and he drove onto an embankment and struck an electronic crosswalk sign.

Wilcox said Viloria's actions "represent a gross violation" of university standards.

"You are in a position of leadership and must demonstrate the ability to make sound decisions both on and off duty," Wilcox wrote.

Viloria apologized for his behavior in a statement released by his attorney, calling it a "very poor decision."

"I am taking full responsibility for the situation for which I now find myself," the statement said. "No words can truly express my remorse for the embarrassment I have brought upon my family, the players, the fans, the coaches and Florida State University."

Viloria went on to ask for forgiveness.

"I humbly request that what I have tried to achieve at Florida State University is not overshadowed by this lapse in judgment," he said. "This incident does not define my true character."

Viloria will miss the first four games of the season. His first game back will be Oct. 8 at Miami.

"A Season with Florida State Football" is scheduled to premiere Tuesday night on Showtime.

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