Will it be same old Dolphins? Will Manso's season prediction

Gase will have them going in the right direction


PEMBROKE PARK, Fla. – The Dolphins season begins with new hope, a new head coach and a blank slate.

But will it be the "same ol' Dolphins?"

The reality is that's an unfair question. 

Adam Gase comes in as a first-year head coach and it's been impressive how he's laid down his foundation as a coach.  His attitude, his system and his expectations daily are things that will help the Dolphins grow.

The problem is the talent isn't where it needs to be.  They have one star in Ndamnukong Suh, but his impact likely can't win them too many football games alone.

This is an offensive league and right now the Dolphins have too many questions on offense.  The questions include:

Can Arian Foster hold up and produce for an entire season?

Can the revamped offensive line hold up until Mike Pouncey gets back?

Can that same line run block for whoever is at running back?

When will DeVante Parker be healthy enough to see the field and will he be the big play weapon Miami needs?

Will Jordan Cameron overcome his lack of confidence and case of the drops?

Will Jay Ajayi (left home for Seattle game because of the way he handled his demotion) be up for the challenge when Foster has a setback or struggles?

Those are just some of the questions on offense entering the season.

Notice I didn't even say Ryan Tannehill.

To me, he's the one constant you'll get every week.  Is he Tom Brady?  No.  But Tannehill is an effective and fairly consistent NFL QB.  That doesn't sound like the greatest endorsement for your quarterback, but that type of QB can help you win games.

If you put enough talent around him. 

I just don't think the Dolphins are there yet offensively.  They have too many question marks to hold up over the long stretch of a 16 -game season.

The good news is I do think Gase will make a difference as the season progresses and the players get even more comfortable with his system.

I also think things will get better as Gase continues to get his type of players into the system during the offseason.

The defense should be solid, though I still have concerns at linebacker and cornerback.  They won't be dominant, but they should be effective.

Yet, I always come back to the offense.  Gase was brought in to fix that.  The Dolphins know that in this NFL you must score and be able to score quickly to win games.

I want to believe the Dolphins can make a big step in year one under Gase, but I can't with confidence say they will because of the many concerns they have entering the season.

The bottom line: it may feel like the "same ol' Dolphins" at times, but I think Gase will have them going in the right direction over time.

That time though will take more than one season.

2016 season prediction: 7-9 record.

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