Despite difficult loss for Dolphins, some encouraging signs

Will Manso points to 3 positives from opening game of Adam Gase era

MIAMI – It felt like we were watching the same movie for the 50th time.

The Dolphins had multiple chances to win a game, somehow overcome big mistakes to have a lead late, yet still lost.

Have you read that script before?

It's the perpetual nightmare for Dol-Fans over the last decade-plus, but there were some encouraging signs that could point to better times ahead. 

So, instead of harping on the bad of Sunday (I think most of us already did that after the game), let's focus on the positives we saw from Miami in game one of the Adam Gase era.


1) The defense was outstanding.

Yes, they gave up the final drive to Russell Wilson and that hurt, but they also controlled the game and made Wilson look like a mediocre QB for most of the game.

The much-hyped defensive line didn't disappoint. Mario Williams played well, even though he had to leave late with a concussion.

You know what you get from Ndamnukong Suh, while it was great to see Cam Wake on the field and chasing after the ball.

The D-line's ability to get pressure to the football allowed the linebackers to feel free to do their jobs and also protected the secondary from having to cover receivers from long plays.

Overall, the defense looked like the real deal. 


2) Ryan Tannehill led a late drive to take in the lead in one of the toughest atmospheres in the NFL.

Again, you can't gloss over the fact that Tannehill was flustered for much of the game, but I credit more Seattle's defense than Tannehill's inability to make plays.

He held on to the football a little too long a few times, but that's always been one of his issues.

What we saw is that when Tannehill gets time he can be effective. He did it on a deep ball to Kenny Stills that was dropped, and he did it on the go-ahead fourth-quarter drive which he capped with his own rushing touchdown.


3) Arian Foster looked good.

His rushing numbers may not say it, but that's more on the Dolphins offensive line. Too often the running backs had nowhere to go.

But Foster was nifty and aggressive. He turned a screen into a big 50-yard play and he finished with 100 yards from scrimmage.

For a player many have called past his best days (me included), Foster sure seems to have a nice bounce in his step. That's a good sign.

Overall, a loss is a loss and that's all anyone will remember, but once you get past that, you'll remember there are 15 games left.

The Dolphins went into Seattle and had a legitimate chance to win.

The hope is now they learn from their mistakes and take advantage of their opportunities the next time they get them.

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