Gase says 'stakes go up' as Dolphins push to playoffs

Miami currently hold 6th playoff spot in AFC

Head coach Adam Gase addresses the media after the game against the 49ers.

DAVIE, Fla. – The Miami Dolphins are making a playoff push into December.

Miami won its sixth straight game on Sunday, beating San Francisco 31-24.

With the win, the Dolphins currently hold the sixth and final playoff spot in the AFC.

Head coach Adam Gase is well-aware of the playoff pressure that is building.

"The later you get in the season, every game is, the importance increase because you're getting down to the end," Gase said. "Everyone is fighting to win their next game. You know, the stakes go up. ... It feels different in December."

Gase said he's been on experienced teams and teams with less experience.

He said that it doesn't matter "as long as guys aren't looking ahead."

Gase appreciates that his team had another nail-biter on Sunday.

"As the season goes on, it's going to keep happening," he said. "The better teams you play, the harder the games get. It usually comes down to the last drive."

The Dolphins travel to Baltimore on Sunday.