Gase thinks injury helped spur Tannehill's growth

Head coach addresses Dolphins future at NFL Combine

Adam Gase addressed reporters Thursday at the NFL Combine
Adam Gase addressed reporters Thursday at the NFL Combine

INDIANAPOLIS – Dolphins head coach Adam Gase thinks Ryan Tannehill's injury will help him in the future.

Gase addressed reporters at the NFL combine on Thursday.

Gase said, "When he got hurt, it was a bigger development for him.  He took a different mentality in meetings."

Gase also talked about the free agency of wide receiver Kenny Stills, "One day I feel good about it, one day I feel like crap about it.  I hate free agency... Kenny and I have a good relationship, but the bad thing about the NFL is sometimes that doesn't matter."

The head coach feels confident that the offensive line will be solid with Laremy Tunsil moving to left tackle, after the Dolphins lost Branden Albert.

Gase indicated that wide receiver DeVante Parker needs to improve on attention to details if he's going to make the next step:  "Making sure you're doing every little detail right... Everything he does is important.  It's a trust level with everyone in the building."

On defense, Gase said he's happy with Ndomukong Suh, calling the All-Pro the best in the business.

However, Gase feels the Dolphins need more bodies at cornerback because injuries had such an impact.

Gase said he doesn't mind being honest with his players and it's a lesson he learned from John Fox. 

Gase said, "The brutal honesty part.  Just don't lie to players.  Foxy always told me.  Don't BS them.  Hit them right between the eyes and they'll get over it."


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