Marlins fan flashes Cardinals pitcher during game


MIAMI – If Wednesday night's Marlins game is ever turned into a movie, it would be rated X.

(And yes, we know there's no longer an "X" rating.)

A well-endowed fan sitting behind home plate at Marlins Park attempted to distract Cardinals pitcher Brett Cecil by showcasing her features.

The woman was a guest of Marlins Man, along with three other women.  

The peep show was not seen in South Florida as the local broadcast was focused on another aspect of the game, but the flash did make it onto the Cardinals feed.

The Marlins responded to the incident late Thursday afternoon.

"The Marlins do not condone that behavior, and we have addressed it with the fans in question to ensure that it does not happen again," said a team statement.

Deadspin reports MLB officials are so upset, they are making sure the unwelcome appearance is edited out of the broadcast before it is archived.

Unfortunately, the woman's distracting didn't help as Cecil struck out the Marlins' Christian Yelich to end the 6th inning.