Home Run Derby showdown between Stanton, Judge, and 6 others

Marlins slugger looks to defend his crown


MIAMI – The stage is set for a Home Run Derby showdown.

Marlins slugger Giancarlo Stanton will be looking to defend his crown Monday night at Marlins Park.

The field includes 7 other sluggers, but all eyes will be on one in particular.

Stanton is ranked No. 1 in the Derby field.

Yankees rookie Aaron Judge is ranked No. 2.

Judge leads MLB with 30 homers at the All-Star break.

Judge is the Yankees all-time leading home run hitter as a rookie, having passed Joe DiMaggio earlier this season.

Both Stanton and Judge are huge stars and huge physically.

Stanton, who hit 2 home runs on Sunday to bring his total to 26, is listed at 6-6, 249 pounds.

Judge is listed at 6-7, 282 pounds.

Marlins infielder Justin Bour is also in the field for Monday night's Derby.

Judge's opening opponent will be Bour.

Stanton will face one of Judge's teammates in the first round.

Stanton will go head-to-head with Yankees catcher Gary Sanchez.

Much of major league baseball is hoping for a showdown between the two heavyweights in the Derby final round.

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