Closed practice ahead of El Clasico disappoints fans

Fans line up to see favorite stars

MIAMI SHORES, Fla. – Soccer fans lined up for hours Thursday to see their favorite soccer team, FC Barcelona, practice at Barry University.

But when the team showed up, fans were told that the practice was closed to the public.

"This is probably the only opportunity we'll ever get to see them," Fernando Denis said.

Frank Rodriguez was also disappointed.

"We came here with a purpose to meet them and we get here and they're telling us, 'Oh, you can't get in.' It's disappointing," Rodriguez said.

FC Barcelona is set to take on their rival Real Madrid in the El Clasico match at Hard Rock Stadium this weekend. 

Neymar de Silva Santos Jr., the team's popular forward, suited up for practice despite rumors that he's on the verge of leaving the team.

But all eyes were on Lionel Messi, who is arguably the biggest name in the world of soccer.

Ticket prices to El Clasico can run fans upwards of a few thousand dollars.

"That's a bit pricey for us," Rodriguez said. 

Therefore, watching practice and waiting for players to arrive at hotels has become an alternative for some fans. 

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