Whiteside embraces trash talk with Embiid

Two centers go head-to-head

Hassan Whiteside is carried off after hitting the game-winner
Hassan Whiteside is carried off after hitting the game-winner

MIAMI – Hassan Whiteside is embracing his twitter trash talk with 76ers center Joel Embiid.

The two big men went head-to-head on the court on Friday night.

After the game, the two traded barbs on social media.

Whiteside writing, "Joel Embiid 31 games in 3 yrs Hopefully I get to see you regular season #solarecplipse #EmbiidEclipse."

Embiid had a few jokes back including saying that he was writing to Whiteside from his burner account.

On Sunday, Whiteside said "My very first words to Embiid were man I'm glad to see you back on the court.  He told me we're gonna bring the center position back.  After they won, he called me barbeque chicken, so I was waiting to get back at him."

Whiteside said "it's funny to me... Maybe when I was younger, I would've been a little madder."

Head Coach Erik Spoelstra approves of the rivalry.  

He called it a "throwback... I'm all for it.  The trash talking whatever, I don't care about that.  But in terms of two guys wanting to compete against each other... You're not seeing that from that center position as much anymore."

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