Will Manso: Trading Stanton another punch to Marlins fans

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MIAMI – I'll start this by saying something I think anyone who watches Local 10 or follows me on Twitter already knows. I have long advocated a rebuild for the Marlins, and yes, that does include a trade of Giancarlo Stanton. I believe a complete teardown of the mess Jeffrey Loria created is needed.

But I'm not here to write about what's good for the franchise long-term. I've done that enough. Instead, I'm writing about what hurts the fans short-term.

Trading Giancarlo Stanton stinks.

There's no other way to say it. Actually there is, but that would include me using a number of profanities that I really shouldn't be writing.

This trade is just another punch in the gut to a fan base that has taken plenty of hits over the years. Losing is one thing. Cutting payroll is another thing. Trading the reigning NL MVP in his prime is a completely different proposition.

Stanton was the biggest star in town. Sure, his big numbers didn't translate to big wins or attendance, but it did allow the few Marlins fans left something to look forward to every night.

I grew up a die-hard baseball fan in an era where Don Mattingly, Cal Ripken Jr, Tony Gwynn, Robin Yount, and yes, even Derek Jeter played for one team for their entire careers.

It meant something to see a player who started with your team end up finishing his career there. Watching that player grow and having an attachment to them was special. That's what Marlins fans had in Stanton, and he was finally rewarding them by becoming one of the best players in baseball.

Now, in a flash, he's gone, and for nothing more than a salary dump, a player the Marlins intend to trade and a couple of mid-tier prospects.

This hurts, and no baseball or business perspective will change that.

I understand why fans are angry. I get why so many fans are talking about giving up on this franchise. Let's face it, the Marlins just took away one of the few things you had to cheer for.

So, while deep down inside I know the Marlins must make these moves and rebuild, I also know fans should be angry.

You don't deserve this. No fan base does. Loria created a toxic atmosphere and most fans expected when he was gone that things would automatically improve.

They haven't.

In time, maybe they will. Jeter has a plan, and I am interested to see how this team rebuilds over the next few seasons.

Yet, nothing can change the fact that trading Stanton is just a nightmare scenario for Marlins fans right now. Your favorite player is gone, and you'll be left with a Triple-A type team and another promise that things will eventually be better.

I feel you, Marlins fans. I really do. This just flat-out stinks. Sadly, you're used to it.

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