Dolphins' Drake says throwing helmet was stupid

Running back expects to hear from league

Kenyan Drake discusses his helmet-tossing incident
Kenyan Drake discusses his helmet-tossing incident

DAVIE, Fla. – Miami Dolphins running back Kenyan Drake says it was stupid for him to throw a helmet and get tossed from his team's season finale, and he's bracing for a possible fine or other punishment from the NFL.
   Drake and teammate Jarvis Landry were ejected following a brawl in the final minutes of Miami's 22-16 loss to Buffalo. Drake became involved in a wrestling match in the bottom of a pile, and when Bills defensive end Ryan Davis' helmet came off, Drake picked it up and threw it 20 yards.
   In retrospect, he said, not smart. Landry had just scored a touchdown to put the Bills' lead to 22-9 with 6:21 left. Drake said he let the situation get the best of him, and the flying helmet could have hurt someone.