Heat's new alternate jersey inspired by 'Miami Vice'

(Phil Hecken)

MIAMI – By the looks of the Miami Heat's new alternate jersey, the signings of Sonny Crockett and Rico Tubbs may be right around the corner.

When the NBA and Nike unveiled the "city edition" uniforms of all the league's teams back in December, the Heat's were conspicuously missing. Team officials have remained mum on when the new jerseys would be released.

Phil Hecken of Uni Watch was able to leak an image of the jerseys, although the design was never confirmed by the Heat.

However, in a very Vice-ish tweet sent out by the team Thursday, it appears the rumor is about to become reality and we'll soon get to see a uniform that's sweeter than Crockett's Ferrari Daytona Spyder.

The tweet only gives an up-close look at letters on the back of what appears to be Hassan Whiteside's jersey, but it is accompanied by music that would have fit a certain NBC television show from the 1980's.

Oh, and the tweet also guides followers to a website to learn when the uniforms will be unveiled, which is Heat.com/Vice.

Yeah, that's a pretty good clue the jerseys won't be inspired by Punky Brewster.