Stores re-stock No. 3 Heat jerseys as D-Wade makes unexpected comeback to Miami

Wade expected to play in Friday night's game against Bucks

MIAMI – The fan shop at the American Airlines Arena is re-stocking up on Dwyane Wade gear, as the fan-favorite returns to Miami.

"Our staff has been working diligently through the night. We are just as excited as the fans," Heat merchandise manager Eddie Abad said. 

Heat fans are hoping to get their hands on Wade’s No. 3 jersey ahead of his first game back with Miami.

"It was amazing," Abad said. "It's more than what we expected, but it's awesome. It's awesome and we're ready for it."

Fans are ready for the comeback, too, especially worldwide Heat fans who were lucky enough to be in Miami this week.

"Last night, my brother texted me, 'Dwyane is coming back.' So I was saying to my wife, 'Whoo, this is very good,'" Tuomas Livonen, who is visiting from Finland, said. 

While some lined up for the fan shop, which opened at 10 a.m., others were first in line at the box office.

Standing tickets only were sold for $50, but with D-Wade in the house, fans are taking whatever they can get.

"It will be nice because there's two things -- a combo of obviously Dwyane Wade coming back and the Greek Freak playing tonight, so it will be quite interesting," Chris Pert, of England, said. 

The Heat will take on the Milwaukee Bucks at 8 p.m. Friday at the AAA.