Miami Sports Pod - The Return of Dwyane Wade

Will Manso and Clay Ferraro celebrate the return of #3 to Miami


In this week's Miami Sports Pod, Local 10's Will Manso and Clay Ferraro celebrate the homecoming of Dwyane Wade to the Miami Heat.

1:00 Clay describes being at Heat practice as the players learned about the Dwyane Wade trade

5:00 Dukie Lang derails the Dwyane Wade chat with a random story about former Panther Olli Jokinen and gets crushed for it

7:00 Will describes the buzz at the Arena for Dwyane Wade’s return game

9:00 Will describes how Dwyane Wade will steady the ship late in clutch games

12:00 Clay talks about Dwyane Wade’s new eating habits that he’ll need  in Miami

14:00 Will says Dwyane Wade will help Hassan Whiteside concentrate more

16:00 Will says Dwyane just wants to be home

21:00 Clay says the Heat got Dwyane Wade on the cheap

24:00 Will tells a story about being at Dwyane’s first shoe launch in China

26:00 Clay says belief is a very powerful thing