Miami Sports Pod - What the heck are the Dolphins doing?


With the start of NFL free agency right around the corner, Local 10's Will Manso and Clay Ferraro ask the age-old question: What exactly are the Dolphins doing?

1:00 Clay says he really doesn’t know what the Dolphins are doing with their defensive line

3:00  What is the future for Cam Wake given the Robert Quinn signing?

6:00 Why are the Dolphins looking at quarterbacks at the combine?

11:00 Clay compares the Dolphins to the Cleveland Browns (seriously)

15:00 Will explains why the Dolphins are boxed in with Jarvis Landry because of the franchise tag

20:00 Where will Baker Mayfield land?

30:00 Will asks what is Ryan Tannehill coming back to?  

32:00  Will asks when Mike Tannenbaum will tell us what he's doing with the Dolphins