Beckham and company considering golf course for soccer stadium site

Original Overtown site may be too small, backer Jorge Mas says

MIAMI – Team Beckham is changing course in its stadium chase and it all centers on a Miami golf course.

The group, now led by businessman Jorge Mas, is turning its attention to the city of Miami-owned International Links Melreese Country Club as a potential location for the new team's Major League Soccer stadium.

"It was something that was offered by our city manager as something that fits the needs of the Beckman team, which includes Jorge Mas," said Eugene Ramriez, a spokesman for the city of Miami. "Originally, they were looking at a site they deemed as now too small for their grand plans, which are wonderful plans that we welcome here in the city of Miami, and this site is more suitable."

The current planned location is still the Overtown land, but the city wants Mas and the group to consider the golf course.

While David Beckham was just in town last week, surprising a local high school state championship soccer team, Mas has been behind the scenes looking into other potential spots.  

It's no secret Mas believes the Overtown spot may be too small for his vision, one he discussed when the team was officially awarded a franchise in January.

"We need to make that site. Make it live. Make it vibrant. Make it an entertainment center," Mas said in January.

As for the steps needed, this won't be a simple process to change, but then again nothing has been during this four-year saga.  

Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos A. Gimenez said the option is open to change, and it's up to those with Miami MLS to pursue.

"That stadium may go in the Overtown area. It may not. It's up to the Mas brothers and David Beckham," Gimenez said. "They are doing their due diligence. I think they are talking to a bunch of different folks."

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