Miami Sports Pod - This is not an echo, but what are the Dolphins doing???


(Editor's note: This podcast was recorded Sunday night, before news of the Dolphins plans to release Ndamukong Suh and the release of Lawrence Timmons.)

This is not an echo, but after a flurry of moves, Local 10's Will Manso and Clay Ferraro are forced to ask the question again on the Miami Sports Pod:  What exactly is this team doing???

1:00  Clay on Jarvis Landry trade - “I was not surprised”

5:00  Will on the Dolphins hitting on some guys and letting them walk for nothing

7:00  Clay on how the Jarvis Landry situation is eerily similar to the Jay Ajayi situation

9:00  It’s not fair to question Jarvis Landry’s attitude in terms of hard work and caring

14:00  Adam Gase gets a little bit of a pass, the front office, not so much

16:00  Who is Ryan Tannehill supposed to throw the football to?

18:00  The Dolphins will do everything they can to get a QB in the draft

20:00  The Dolphins are replacing different part of the organization not at once

26:00  Dolphins can’t overspend in free agency

30:00  Time to fill the roster with ‘show me’ guys 

36:00  Adam Gase isn’t anywhere near getting fired