Wade thinks tougher competition will help playoff preparations

Heat getting ready for postseason

Dwyane Wade talked to reporters on Sunday afternoon
Dwyane Wade talked to reporters on Sunday afternoon

MIAMI – The competition for the Miami Heat is about to get tougher, and that's not necessarily bad.

The Heat have played down to lesser opponent all season, including an embarrassing loss to the New York Knicks Friday night.

Miami ends the season with two home games.

On Monday, Miami hosts Oklahoma City, who is battling for a playoff spot.

On Wednesday, Miami closes against the Toronto Raptors, the team with the best record in the Eastern Conference.

Dwyane Wade told reporters that he's looking forward to Monday's matchup, "This is going to be a good game for us, especially this time of the year.  After going through a four game span of playing non-playoff teams it's kinda good to play playoff teams these last two  to get us into more of a competitive mindset."

Wade said the Heat learned a lot about themselves from the tough losses, "We can play with anybody.  But also we've had those moments where we haven't played that way, i.e. the Knicks game, and we can get beat by anybody badly."

As it stands, Miami holds the No. 6 spot in the East.

Right now, the Heat would matchup with Philadelphia in the first round of the playoffs.

However, there is a lot left to be decided before the end of the regular season on Wednesday.

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