Yankees fans, media quickly tire of Giancarlo Stanton in Big Apple


MIAMI – Is it possible Giancarlo Stanton now realizes the benefits of playing in front of those sparse Marlins crowds? 

When he played in front of empty seats at Marlins Park, those empty seats rarely booed.

Unfortunately for Stanton, the new Yankees slugger is getting a crash course on what happens when you don't produce on the biggest stage in baseball.

Stanton struck out five times in yesterday's game against the Orioles, the second time he's accomplished the feat this season. Oh, by the way, the Yankees have played just 10 games this year.

The major league record for five-strikeout games in a season is three.

As he struggles at the plate, Stanton is hearing it loud and clear from Yankees fans who have no problem booing the reigning National League Most Valuable Player.

Stanton was given the ol' Bronx Cheer several times at Yankee Stadium on Sunday.

The big New York City newspapers are having a fun time with Stanton's misery, putting the slugger on the back-page cover with headlines such as GianKarlo and "Stan the Fan."

Stanton currently leads the major leagues with 20 strikeouts, while hitting just three home runs. Let's remember Stanton hit 59 homers with the Marlins last season.