Miami Sports Pod - Marlins strike out off the field?


The Marlins aren't doing well in the standings, but in this week's episode of the Miami Sports Pod, Local 10's Will Manso and Clay Ferraro talk about how the team is striking out off the field as well.

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1:00 Background on the situation with Andy Slater’s credential and the Marlins

2:00 The report about the Marlins and BVI started because of Jeffrey Loria and a deal with the County

8:00 Slater describes that his problems with current Marlins administration started before opening day

19:00 How did previous Marlins administrations react to Slater’s coverage?

20:00 Slater thinks the Marlins should apologize

22:00 Derek Jeter’s name has never come up as to why Slater has been denied access to the team

30:00 Will offers his theory to the rift

34:00 Slater says that by being out of the clubhouse won’t stop his reporting of the team

40:00 Will:  There have been more negative stories about Derek Jeter in last 6 months than his time in NY

43:00 Jeter was brought to South Florida because he was the face of baseball – shouldn’t he be more popular than Jeffrey Loria?