Miami Sports Pod - The NBA's 'Summer Madness' Begins


In this episode of the "Miami Sports Pod," Local 10's Will Manso and Clay Ferraro preview the NBA's "Summer Madness" off-season.

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2:00 The offseason begins --- let the rumors fly

3:30 There are moves that can happen that we haven’t even thought of

5:00 Will says this is going to be the wildest offseason we’ve seen in a long time

7:45  There are multiple moving parts if Pat Riley is going to change the Heat

13:00 Could LeBron James truly come back to Miami?

18:00 LeBron already has the a lot of the possibilities sorted out in his mind

26:00 It may not be the dream scenario for the Heat

31:00 Boston and Philly are so well set up 

37:00 Even though we’re in the era of a dynasty--- interest in the league is up