Dolphins motivated by fiery defensive line coach

Players rave about coach's intensity

Coach Kris Kocurek shows his intensity at practice
Coach Kris Kocurek shows his intensity at practice

DAVIE, Fla. – The Miami Dolphins defensive line will not have any trouble staying focused at practice.

First year defensive line coach Kris Kocurek is known for his intensity.

Defensive tackle Akeem Spence played for Kocurek in Detroit.

Spence said Tuesday, "Sometimes Kris gets to hollering and they don't know what he's talking about, so I can pull them to the side and say 'Hey, this is what he means.'"

Spence believes that his coach's intensity is a sign of his passion for the game.

Spence said, "Coach Kris is all about ball.  He loves ball.  Next to his wife, and then it's football.  I tell them everything he says he means, and he means well.  If he's not yelling at you, cursing at you, then he doesn't care."

Spence is part of a defensive line that is trying to fill the large void left by the departure of Ndamukong Suh.

Spence said, "We're two different guys.  I'm not a big flashy guy.  I'm a do my job type of guy, control my gap and make plays when I can."

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