Miami Sports Pod - Watching Kawhi closely and other Heat free-agency hopes


Local 10's Will Manso and Clay Ferraro discuss the Kawhi Leonard situation and whether the Heat are players in this week's episode of the Miami Sports Pod.

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:15  Will starts the pod setting off the alarms, Kawhi Leonard is available

4:34  Is it realistic that the Heat can get Kawhi Leonard

9:35  There is not a player or person who I wouldn’t give up for Kawhi 

12:37  Boston could probably make San Antonio a better offer, no?

17:30  There’s no doubt that Pat Riley will get involved in the situation

21:30  Is Leonard really going to walk away from $219 million?

25:00 Kawhi doesn’t want to be the biggest star in town, he’s a quiet guy

29:00 Will doesn’t like Critical Mass

30:00 Andrew Wiggins to the Heat?

37:00 What’s up with Udonis Haslem asking for more minutes and threatening to go overseas?