Miami Sports Pod - LeBron was in Miami, so now what?


This week on the Miami Sports Pod, the crew discuss LeBron James' appearance in South Florida over the weekend and Pat Riley's "message" heading into NBA free agency.

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1:45 Clay predicted NBA draft would be crazy and nothing happened

3:30 Why wasn’t there more movement on draft night? LeBron and Kawhi

8:16 LeBron was in Miami, hanging out with Udonis Haslem

15:00 Heat fans are going to one extreme or the other with the LeBron/Udonis video

23:00 Pat Riley had a different message after the draft than he did after the season

30:00 Maybe Pat Riley is trying to lower expectations after testing the market

39:00 Pat Riley doesn’t want one star here, he wants rings

49:00 People love NBA free agency