Miami Sports Pod - LeBron is going to LA-Bron


This week, Clay Ferraro and the Local 10 Sports team discuss LeBron's move to the Lakers and what it means for the rest of the NBA.

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1:00 LeBron’s decision has been made, he’s going to the Lakers

4:00 This move makes sense for LeBron’s after basketball life

6:00 This decision was different because LeBron was the first guy to make the move 

10:00 The minute LeBron eliminated Houston, he admitted he’s not winning the NBA Championship next year

13:30  Does Klay Thompson make sense for the Lakers in the future?

19:00 Showtime is going to be back 

23:00 LeBron is planning to go quiet until July 30th

25:00 What will happen with Lavar Ball’s sideshow and LeBron?

33:00 Paul George could make $290 million over 7-years by staying in OKC

38:00 So what’s left for Pat Riley to do this summer?

43:00 Clay wants the Heat to go all in on Kawhi Leonard

47:00 During LeBron’s run in LA--- is there a chance he doesn’t win a championship?  How will that impact his legacy?